Welcome to Pantum Nepal

Pantum is an International Brand that develops, manufactures, and sells laser printers and toner cartridges that are made in China for worldwide clients. Partum’s branded laser printers have advanced core technologies and provided users with reliable, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly printing solutions. The company includes a mission to provide users with solid, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly printing solutions.

Pantum is a new brand that has shown significant progress in the printing industry and market penetration around the world in a very short period. Pantum printers are currently marketed and distributed in China, the USA, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and spread over 40 countries and regions. Pantum sales branch companies and service centers have been set up in China, the USA, and Europe.

Pantum goal is to be the driving worldwide supplier of printing a solid solution, fetched successfully and naturally neighborly. We are always growing and idealizing our item line, which contains a single function, multifunction, and high-speed duplex printing. Printers are focused towards the government, enterprise, hospital, banking, SMB, SOHO users and so on. Our goal is to give rise to a New Era for Printing.